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Miller Sealcoating & Striping is one of the leading provider of sealcoating, line striping and restriping services in the U.S. Using the highest quality sealcoating and asphalt products, we help our customers cut costs and maintain their parking lots more efficiently. Our clients include major national office complexes, educational institutions, hospitals and retail and hotel chains throughout the United States.


Asphalt pavements are always significant investments and, like all smart business decisions, the risk to this investment must be prevented. Preventive maintenance, by maintaining with sealcoat, is that protection for your asphalt pavement investment. Unmaintained (or unsealed) asphalt pavement will likely require repairs after the first two years.

Furthermore, this unmaintained surface may require overlay as early as seven years, versus fifteen years for a maintained parking area. According to a study performed by Girish C. Dubey, chairperson of the Pavement Coatings Technology Center at the University of Nevada at Reno, maintaining asphalt pavement with sealcoat every three years saves an average of $15.25 per square yard or $152,500.00 for a parking lot averaging 10,000 square yards.
averaging 10,000 square yards. This translates into more than 48% in savings over unmaintained asphalt.

Maintaining asphalt with sealcoat is a small expense that secures nearly 300% increase in asphalt life as well as the aforementioned maintenance cost savings. Parking lot maintenance is most economical when consistently performed from the outset. However, it is never too late to implement a maintenance plan that will optimize your current pavement's condition and prolong its life.

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